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Gold High School Tassels

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1 Results

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A graduation cap is incomplete without a tassel attached to it. This graduation accessory is important because it is used during the conferment portion of the graduation ceremony wherein the tassel is switched from right to left—an act signifying that a student is now officially a graduate.’s colorful and charming graduation tassels will complement every high school graduate’s cap and gown. So if you need uniformity, we’ve got you covered!

Our tassels come with the following features:

  • Our tassels come with a charm signet of the current-year date.
  • Choose from more than 18 different colors in our collection.
  • Our tassels measure 9” without the hang loop.
  • A 6” hang loop allows easy fitting the cap..
  • Strong reinforcement courtesy of a metal clasp holder.

Our charming year signets on our tassels also make them the perfect keepsake for your high school graduation. You also have the option to add more bling to it. It all depends on what you like!

Feel free to browse around our virtual storefront and choose which tassel color you need. Trust to deliver your purchases on time, because our mission is to let you and your loved ones have a happy and memorable graduation!