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High School Honor Cords

16 Results
16 Results

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You have the medals and diplomas, so what else would you need? Your high school graduation honor cord, of course! These colorful intertwined fabrics are used to represent—you guessed it—a student’s particular achievement. Each color signifies something and here at, you have a wide colorful selection for honor cords! But more than that, our honor cords feature the following:

  • Thick colored cords made out of robust twisted material.
  • Our cords measure 68" in total length.
  • Comes with large 4" bulb tassels on both ends and has secured knotted ends.
  • Our honor cords are individually wrapped in separate bags upon delivery.

These colored cords are the perfect addition to students who excel in a certain academic subject. For students who excel in different kinds of subjects, you can always pick the double-colored honor cords to signify two different achievements with just one cord.

At, we ensure that our future leaders are rightfully recognized with these prestigious honor cords. Order today!