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Red High School Collars

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1 Results

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Most of the time, graduations can make us fussy when it comes to selecting the right look. has the one-step solution for that—you just need a high school graduation collar to instantly look elegant and sophisticated.’s high school graduation collars come with the following features:

  • Made from shiny tricot fabric with a sleek, non see-through shiny finish.
  • Comes in three different colors- red, blue and white.
  • Individually packaged in its own bag upon delivery.

Our collars are worn around the neck and can be attached to any type of attire you choose to wear under the gown. Its function is to make you look like you’re wearing formal attire under the gown even when you’re really just wearing a party dress underneath!

With this accessory, you don’t need to worry about not donning on the right graduation attire. Our graduation collars will certainly make you look good and spiffy on your big day. Shop for your graduation collar today only at