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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you need assurance regarding your orders, and may have a few questions during the shopping and ordering process. Below is a list of frequently asked questions from our customers, and our earnest answers to each of them:

Placing an Order

his is an important question and it comes up often. There are two things you need to be aware of and you need to add them together to get an estimate of how long it will take to get your order total.
First, there is a processing time. It generally takes two to three weeks for our standard processing time. You can pay a quick or rush fee for each item ordered (which ranges from $4.95 to $9.95) for an expedited process time, which will reduce the processing time to as quick as one day or one week.
* Custom Orders may not apply to expedite processing times. Second, there is the shipping time (which is not the same as the processing time). Standard UPS shipping takes about a week to get to you depending on how far you are from our location. You can reduce this time by paying for faster shipping such as 3-Day Select or 2nd Day Air. Just remember the shipping time is in addition to the processing time and you need to add together both the production time and the shipping time to get a time estimate for your order.
For example, if you ordered today and chose the standard processing time, that’s 2 weeks of preparation. Plus standard UPS shipping which is at least a week, you get your items after at least three weeks from the day you ordered.
However, if you choose an expedited processing time, the processing of your order can be done in a day, plus a fast shipping service like 3-Day Select, you can get your items in 5-7 days!
In general, we cannot provide a precise delivery times beyond the processing time and shipping time estimates listed on your order. If you need more assurance, you can follow-up your order by contacting our customer service by phone- (972) 423-4160 or email us at
Shipping costs vary depending on your selection of shipping method and order amount. You can check the shipping cost by simulating placing an order on our website and then canceling out the order and empty your cart before filling in the payment information. We ship all graduation apparel products by UPS or USPS.
We will ship to some foreign locations if the order is successfully placed by phone with approval. Such locations generally include Canada, parts of Europe and Japan, and a few other locations.
But because such shipments often involve the peculiarities of the various tariffs trade and import/export laws around the globe, we may not be able to ship some orders overseas due to the cost of researching the laws for that location.
Also if possible, it is always easier for us to ship to a US-based shipping address and you will always save on shipping costs if you can arrange for a US-based address to receive the shipment. At this time, due to advice from our bank concerning trends in fraud, we reserve all rights to deny or proceed with orders shipping internationally.
* IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DUTY VAT TAX OR ANY OTHER FEES ASSOCIATED WITH IMPORTING OUR PRODUCTS. We cannot look up the final cost to you as your home country may (and often does) charge a fee at the destination. We cannot look up this information (and it often varies based on international law and code changes). We also cannot accept a rejection of that fee after the shipment leaves our factory and we cannot offer a return or a refund. Your home country may demand that you pay a fee before receiving the item and cannot pay that fee. If you order from overseas, you must either pay any import fees and duties your home country charges or else abandon the item or receive no refund.
We accept payment by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) and Pay Pal.
**Schools may place orders using a PO with prior approval from
Most credit card rejections are because your address does not match the address on record with your credit card company. Sometimes it's just a matter of a single digit off a mis-capitalization a dash or something very minor like that. Please try to re-enter your address to match what your credit card company has on file.
Actually your credit card security department is seeing the inquiries to your account not actual charges. Sometimes the inquiries appear as charges at first (ghost charges). Don't worry we didn't charge you for all those transactions. In a day or two the bank will remove all those charges on your account after they see no actual money was transferred. If we ever do make a mistake in overcharging you rest assured we will refund your money. offers bulk pricing. Which means the more of an item you order the lower the price per item is. Please click the item you are interested in on our site to see the bulk pricing chart for each item. offers free GROUND shipping for all orders over $999.00. If your order does not meet this minimum shipping charges will apply.

General Information

900 Alpha Drive Suite #410 Richardson, TX 75081
Our local line in is (972) 423-4160. Our fax number is (972) 424-7901.
Yes but approval is needed from a Supervisor. Please call and ask to speak to a Supervisor to schedule a pick up time.
We are happy to send samples of our products for orders potentially of 150+ cap/gown and tassels or thereabouts. We ask you follow the link above and complete our sample set request form. After the request is approved we can send you a sample set for you to keep for analysis.
Yes. We offer bulk pricing rates for larger orders (such as 300+ quantities). We also offer additional free services such free shipping for orders over $999.00
We can measure larger classes located in the DFW Metroplex where we have sales representatives. We hope to expand this service to other parts of the nation in the future but for now that is the best we can offer. We also provide you with a measurement kit with our sample sets which include everything you need to take measurements.

Product Questions

You need to provide us with each customer's height with shoes on for the gown. You do not need to provide cap size as our standard caps are one size fits all with elastic. You can view our sizing chart at * We do offer fullfit sizes for those customers in need of more room for girth.
(Shiny vs. Matte)The main difference is the finish of the fabric. Our shiny gowns are a knitted fabric that has more of a shiny look to it, giving the color of the gowns more brightness. Our matte gowns are a woven fabric which has more of a flat dull finish. Either option looks great. offers bulk pricing. Which means the more of an item you order, the lower the price per item is. Please click the item you are interested in on our site to see the bulk pricing chart for each product. offers free shipping for all orders over $999.00. If your order does not meet this minimum, shipping charges will apply.
No. Our graduation gowns are tailored to the finest quality. What distinguishes us from other suppliers is that all our products are carefully manufactured using only the finest quality materials while still maintaining unbelievably low prices certain to suit your needs.
Our stunning collection of graduation gowns come in a fine polyester finish smooth pleat and neck piping and a heavy duty zipper construction for trouble-free operation. All graduation gowns are produced with high quality matte, marshal, or lyric fabric with fluting on the arms and back. You can view our color and material charts at
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